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Contracts & RFP's

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Current Water Quality Report

2021 Water Quality Report

Utah County Storm Drain Coalition

For more information regarding our storm drain system, view or call the Storm water Hotline : 801-851-PURE (7873) or the City Engineer Jed Muhlestein at 801-756-6347.

Illicit Discharges 801-756-6347

Alpine City is anxious to preserve the natural resources that make it beautiful.  Because our ditches and gutters drain into Utah Lake, it is important that we are vigilant in making sure pollutants do not find their way into this system.   It is a Federal and State offense to put anything other than normal storm runoff into a storm drain.  If you find or witness the dumping of pollutants into a ditch or other storm drain system source, please call and report it to our city offices at 801-756-6347.

Household Hazardous Waste

For the disposal of Household Hazardous Waste please call the Utah County Environmental Health Division at 801-851-7525 or view their website for more information. 


Reporting Streetlight Outages  

If you have a streetlight out, call City Hall at 801-756-6347, ext 3.  See the pictures below to let us know which type of light is out.

See Town and Country Style Light HERE
See Main Street Style Light HERE 
See Acorn Style Light HERE 

Flood Plain Information

FEMA Adoptied Flood Insuranace Rate Map (FIRM) for Alpine - HERE
ALPINE Flood Plain Map (shows more detail, uses FEMA data) - HERE
FEMA OUT AS SHOWN information - HERE


Storm Drain Design

The Alpine City Storm Drain Design Manual can be found here.  
The appendix to the manual is found here.

2016 Storm Drain Design Update is found here.

Storm Water Management Plan

The following documents are the Storm Water Management Plan for Alpine City (SWMP).  Due to its size, it has been split into several different parts.  Please download the SWMP Index first to see which parts you may be interested in.  If you have any questions/comments regarding the SWMP, please contact us here.

SWMP - Main (UPDATED 9/16/2022)
Measurable Goals
SWMP - Appendix A
SWMP - Appendix B
SWMP - Appendix C
SWMP - Appendix D
SWMP - Appendix E
SWMP - Appendix F
SWMP - Appendix G

Utah County Storm Water Coalition Interlocal Agreement

Informational Flyers

Oil and Oil Filter Recycling
Storm Water Quality
Erosion Control for Home Builders
Cement Washout Required 
Private Septic System Care

SWPPP / Land Disturbance Permit Documents

Land Disturbance Permit & SWPPP Details  (updated 10-12-2021)
State Permits and SWPPP document templates (link to State Website)
SWPPP Weekly Inspection Form

Private Stormwater Facilities

Private Stormwater Management Facility Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual
Annual report form, due by July 15th, located on last page of O&M Manual
Municipal Code Section 14-400 - Storm Water Management

Standard Drawings and Specs

Revised Standards and Specifications have been adopted by the Alpine City Council October 13, 2020.
Click to download them here: Alpine City Standard Specifications and Drawings

Materials in Public Right of Ways

Please keep in mind that it is unlawful to place any kind of material on a public road or sidewalk. Not only is this hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as makes it difficult for our snow plows to do their job, it is also a source of contaminants to the storm water system. Debris from these piles fills our storm drain system with sediment and is difficult to remove. Dumping piles of landscaping or other materials on our roads and sidewalks is illegal and punishable by Class B misdemeanor. Please take care this year to inform any contractors/landscapers you may hire to place all materials out of any public right-of-way for our safety and to help protect our storm drain systems.